Laundry Services for Hotels & Residential Camps
Management and Operation of Camps, Hotels Laundry Plants: Pakarab laundry provides management and operation for hotels and camps laundries of all size, operation includes staffing, maintenance of equipment, the use of modern management program and applying know-how.
Hotels Linen Laundry Services: Pakarab laundry provides the best laundry services that ensure quality of laundering and finishing beside guaranteed delivery and collection schedules.
Laundry Services for Health Care Institutions
Hospitals Laundry Management and Operation: 
Pakarab laundry manages and operates several hospitals laundries. The Operation include staffing, applying know-how, maintenance of equipment and the use of modern management program.
Health Care Laundry Services: Pakarab laundry provides the best laundry services for health centers through its centerlised laundry, by processing work in specially equipped machines to ensure hygiene and quality.
Health Standards: Pakarab laundry is committed to apply highest standards of health criteria during all phases of process to ensure hygienic and quality for clients.
Additional Services
Computer Controlled Dry Cleaning Equipment’s:
 With computer controlled dry cleaning equipment’s Pakarab laundry has three different dry cleaning methods installed in all processing facilities to ensure proper handling of delicate items.
Distribution: Pakarab management has designed vans to ensure proper and safe collection and delivery of customers clothes whenever in Lahore.
Special Services: With clothing and fabrics diversity and different customers preferences, Pakarab laundry apply a recording system that ensures the implementation of client’s instructions such as adding more blue, starch or asking for different finish or packaging.

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